Saving money concept
  • The short answer is “yes, absolutely!”
  • Real estate investing is challenging in both “up” and “down” markets. When the market is overheated, buying properties at attractive valuations becomes almost impossible. Conversely, when the market is going down, lenders and investors are hesitant to back deals.
  • The savvy real estate investor is always in the market, looking for deals that work regardless of conditions.
  • Buying a property below market will always be a good investment, regardless of the overall market conditions.
  • We are more likely to find good deals in a down market.
  • Value add opportunities are always available because some owners neglect their buildings continuously, regardless of conditions! And these same owners are likely to sell at the worst time – when valuations are at an all-time low!
  • The best sanity check on any deal is sound underwriting backed by reasonable assumptions on future rent growth, cap rates, etc.