Syndication & Investment

Syndication & Investment

Building Wealth Through Real Estate

TR Wealth Management is your reliable source for multifamily real estate investments. We offer a valuable alternative to traditional stocks, bonds and mutual funds by providing you with access to high-yielding rental income opportunities and long-term capital gains potential. Our team of experts has an excellent track record in finding properties that generate enough stable cash flow to pay down the mortgage over time – ensuring increased property value as well as profits from well-timed sales or market appreciation. Investing with us is a smart choice for those seeking steady returns without the same level of risk associated with other investment vehicles.

Multifamily Real Estate

Delivering multifamily real estate investment opportunities as a valuable alternative to stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

Procuring Properties

Procuring properties where rental income is sufficient to pay down the properties mortgage, ensuring an increase in property value.

Proven Track Record

Offering a track record of well-timed sales, capitalizing profits, and market appreciation.

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Syndication & Investment

The Syndication Process

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The Syndication Process

We take care of your real estate investment process from start to finish – you get to maximize your return on investment from the comfort of your own home!

Identify Opportunity

Identify the investment opportunity that's right for you.

Due Diligence

Conduct due diligence to determine if the potential investment property meets our stringent standards. We evaluate the property's needs, estimated expenses, income projections, area demographic, and economic indicators. From this a detailed Pro Forma is created for potential investors.

Create LLC

Each investment starts with TR Wealth creating an LLC to buy the property, putting down the required deposit, and getting the property under contract.

Invite Investors

We will review details about the prospective investment, ensuring new investors in particular are supported through every step of the investment process.


Once you review and sign the documents and transfer the investment funds, TR Wealth executes the business plan to meet or exceed our financial projections. You can sit back and relax until it's time to reinvest your funds and do it again!

Reinvest Profits

Reinvest your profits into future investment opportunities and build a legacy of generational wealth.

"These guys are a great one-stop shop for all of your brokerage and property management needs. I can honestly say that they manage their properties as if they were their own."

Carlo G.
Carlo G.