African American Man With 401K Blocks. Income Money Investment
  • You may have been approached with real estate investing opportunities in the past, but you already have a (fill in the blank) pension, IRA, 401 K, or others.
  • The garden variety company retirement plan places your capital in the US stock market and some bonds. This is the time honored “mix”. Usually, the portfolio will be more heavily weighted with stocks.
  • Real estate is not directly correlated to either stocks or bonds, reducing overall portfolio volatility.
  • Real estate is considered a “defensive” sector, as are consumer staples and utility stocks.
  • Due to the huge market capitalizations of Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, etc., most retirement funds are heavily exposed to these growth stocks. While these are excellent investments, they take up a huge percentage of most funds.
  • The investor is heavily exposed to a handful of large cap growth stocks, and they may not realize it!
  • Retirement savings can be invested in real estate partnerships by using a self-directed IRA.
  • Your real estate investments can have considerable tax benefits.
  • Investing in a privately placed real estate fund will produce returns superior to most stock funds, with actual returns of 12%, 15% or more on an annual basis.